AG-super Panoramic

Minimal visual impact

The SUPER PANORAMIC track is designed to have a minimal visual impact, in piles in the windows, to provide maximum performance for both players and spectators. Enjoy an incredible gaming experience. Siente la robustez, la seguridad y la calidad. A pista elegant, superior and professional, just for the best.

This great structural resistance is also a distinctive minimalist design, with practical technical limitations today. The SUPER PANORAMIC track is super high for all expectancies. Are you looking for a professional? Este es el lugar.

Technical specifications

Tempered glass

The best performance and quality

According to the International Padel Federation standards for tempered glass, 12 mm thick with a polished flat edge, with perfect planimetry and fully approved according to the WPT, Premier Padel and APT designs: 18 glasses of 2995 x 1995 mm, with countersunk holes (108 m²).

Rubber gaskets of the highest quality, with the same thickness as the metal section, to absorb shocks and vibrations of the glass against the metal structure.

Anchoring the tempered glass with M10 A4 stainless steel countersunk screws.

The patented structural system meets the Eurocode standards.

Fixed or temporary installation

Regardless of the weather conditions to which the court will be exposed, or whether it should be a fixed or temporary installation, you will always enjoy the same features, maintaining maximum elegance and the best design, whether you play indoors or on the roof. of a skyscraper.

AG-Super Panoramic

Solidity and resistance to withstand normal weather conditions. Patented structural system designed to obtain the best gaming performance, at all levels and intensively. The recommended option for most facilities, paddle clubs, hotels and private homes.

AG-Super Panoramic Pop

Designed to be able to assemble and disassemble the track without losing quality and playability. With portable kit to avoid anchoring to the ground. Suitable for temporary or fixed installations, it is the ideal option for events.

grass model Supercourt

MONDO XN SUPERCOURT (Official Grass of World Padel Tour) top quality monofilament in green, red or blue. Lawn made with STX and XNOVA, both polyethylene fiber, textured (curly) monofilaments, 10 mm high and 250 / 160 μm thick. 6 monofilament fibers inserted per knot and 46,200 knots per m2 (total: 554,400 filaments per m2). 10,000 Dtex grass with a total fiber weight of 1,393 g/m2. Support base finished in polyurethane to guarantee a better long-term finish, with a total product weight of 2,208 g/m2.

grass model Padel MFT

PADEL MFT top quality monofilament in blue, green, clay, red, pink or black. Polyethylene fiber grass, textured (curly) monofilaments, 10 mm high and 170 μm thick. 6 monofilament fibers inserted per knot and 50,394 knots per m2 (total: 806,304 filaments per m2). 8,800 Dtex grass with a total fiber weight of 1,353 g/m2. Covering made with a double layer of polypropylene woven with fibrillated fleece and latex, with a total product weight of 2,504/m2.

Efficient lighting

Pillars with ultra-thin LED projectors, with high luminosity, high-efficiency heatsink and high-quality driver.

LED lighting options



Luminous flux

Luminous efficacy

Power factor

Color temperature

Beam angle




22.500 Lm

150 Lm/w


4.000 K


50.000 hours



30.500 Lm

150 Lm/w


4.000 K


50.000 hours

Customize your courts

The structure, color, grass and more options. If you need something specific outside of the options, don’t worry, we can do it too.

Structure color

Customizable reinforcements

Zinc primer


Lawn model

Anti-ball nets

Lighting and illumination



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